It is 12.44am Saturday and I can not sleep. I just got up with an urge of saying few words to all of my loyal customers that has been on my mind since yesterday.

I was reading last night all your heart-warming comments you have post about St Nicholas Christmas Cave and I must say…I was extremely overwhelmed. In fact, it has brought a tear to my eye.
It is really nice to know how much you all love our Christmas products and value our customer service, we do like making everyone feel Welcome at our seasonal store and for those who live far away from Sydney I hope we do offer the best online shopping experience.

But the real reason behind this Newsletter is little bit different than usual.
Let me explain… So, I am not a fan of roll coasters like my daughter is ? but if there has ever been a ride with so many twists and turns, I can guarantee you we are on it. You only need to switch on your TV, or open your phone with Google news and scroll through few FB pages to witness the mass Hysteria and people playing Hunger Games that is currently occupying our world and whilst I’m struggling to keep up with all the updated updates every day I am still trying to find some positivity through the day and function by trying to take away your mind from all the media …by the way, the toilet paper is a big asset these days!!! 🙂

There is no doubt everything and everyone is currently in turmoil by the unpredicted horrific event of COVID-19. We have some tough, challenging months ahead of us and the reality is hurting. But we will get through this together.

There’s one thing that’s certain – uncertainty. The one Important message I wish to share today with all my loyal customers and FB followers is that as we are all in this crazy ride together, if there was a time to help out and support mentally one another, now is the time. I want you to stay positive and know that this “current time of uncertainty” will pass, we will be ok again, we will go back to work and we will rebuild Australia’s economy, our country again. We will live our lives again with confidence and happiness.
I want you to stay excited about Christmas 2020 and take your mind away from the current turbulence we all going through. Try to do daily “News Detox” and take a dog for a walk, or do some gardening, reading, clean your old draws and cubits. Maybe some of you are working from home already then try to stay focus on your work and be productivity. Time will pass, and it will get better!

I will be posting some exciting new Christmas products every few days to make you sure you are still smiling!
This Sunday we will be announcing a Winner of our current competition, let me tell you…it won’t be easy to choose! And because you all really mean so much to me, I have decided I need to offer something else for each of you to cheer YOU UP! And I will reveal what it is on Sunday!!!

Stay tuned, stay safe
Sending you a socially distanced HUG

Elf Bernard from the North Pole

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