Christmas everyday

Kicking off a new year with a change!

They say change is a better than a holiday, and after the Christmas Season, it’s a new year (and a new decade if you can believe it) so what better way to kick things off than with a few changes and a little refresh. Speaking of which I just declutter my wardrobe ? Phew, what a job that was!

Well, it’s been over a month since Christmas and I can tell many of us miss the Christmas Spirit already! I am very traditional, at least in this area? – my tree went down on the “Twelfth Night”. How many of you kept the tree after the Twelfth Night? Probably many of us did because we simply love the joy of Christmas and everything that goes with it, right? The street decorations, the joy of exchanging presents with family and friends, the line ups at the counter, the shameless hunt to find a space for your car, the traffic jam, the family arguments – in fact, they are imminent, all the highs and lows of Christmas.

All sounds familiar, yes?

Well, Christmas is gone and from today it is 307 Days until the festive season kicks off again! So, if you feeling a bit sad and dull, you are not alone! Many of us wish there was Christmas every day and this would be awesome for those who really truly love Christmas. I thought I will let you know what is happening behind the scenes here at St Nicholas Christmas Cave…we are getting ready for Christmas 2020 (yes, really!) We want our customers to have bigger and better shopping experience therefore we have been working hard on our few new surprises to hit our seasonal pop-up store (possibly stores – location to be advised) and of course our online shop. This year we will have some Christmas ornaments, Christmas Décor, kitchenware, beautiful Christmas angels and tree toppers, a great selection of Elves and Santa, in fact we will have a very special unique limited-edition Santa associated with our horrifying bush fires we have recently experience. Can not wait for him to arrive!

In addition to the above products we will also have Mrs Claus and her bakery with all the Gingermillies! Gingerbread, icing and candles – these were the main ingredients that once made festive gingerbread season. Let’s bring back these wonderful childhood memories with our beautiful collection of gingerbread ornaments and decoration ideas. Improve your Christmas Tree style this year with candy, peppermint and gingerbread houses because Christmas 2020 will be sweet, colorful and delightful!
All our new stock should be available in June 2020. Cannot actually believe June is here in less than 4 months, wow!
As usual our aim is to deliver a quality product at affordable prices. After all Christmas is all about family, eating, drinking and making merry, right? Cherish the time with your family, it is the best and most priceless gift around the Christmas tree.
I wish it was Christmas everyday…

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I hope you have enjoyed our North Pole newsletter!

Elf Bernard