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st nicholas christmas cave - our story

My name is Anita and I love Christmas! …and as they say – sometimes the father does know best. Why? Because if it was not for my Dad, I would never have been inspired to open my own Christmas shop!

I grew up in the house full of Christmas cheer and love. My Dad always made Christmas so special for me and my Mum. From the live Christmas tree to the Christmas dinner table, Christmas presents to local Carollers singing our favourite carols; our family always loved Christmas.

I grew up watching him work hard but also helping others along the way.
He taught me that I can always achieve anything if you follow your dreams. He believed in my “never-give up” attitude, persistence and determination and my strong work ethic (I reckon I inherited this after my Grandad more than my dad ?).

Sadly, 2 years ago I lost my Dad due to a battle with lung cancer and his last words to me were:

“Follow your passion as it is your compass in your life to your success”

At first, I didn’t know what he meant but after a year of grieving I woke up one day and I said: I know what I am going to do!

Because of him I actually created “St Nicholas Christmas Cave” based on the family/small business values and love for Christmas I grew up with. Thanks to my Dad for making me the woman I am today.

I love Christmas lights and decorations, Christmas festive cheer and joy, Christmas trees and Christmas glass ornaments. Christmas Carols and songs, and family Christmas stories.

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All things Christmas we love here at St Nicholas Christmas Cave.

This is our page, yours and mine. We hope you will enjoy browsing our amazing range of festive products and find All Things Christmas here that you love for Season Greetings 2021!

Thank you for being our customers and part of St Nicholas Christmas Cave family?

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