Can you hear that? It’s the sound of Santa and his elves taking some time to prepare for Christmas 2021! He knows the last year has been tough for many people around the world, and so wishes to make this one extra special.

For this reason, it can be a lovely idea to think about how we’d like to welcome him, and how we might curate a perfect Christmas wonderland of our own.

While Christmas 2020 was marked by its need for responsibility and in postponing some of our necessary plans, Christmas 2021 promises to be a time where we can joyfully spend time with one another again, and so it behooves us to make this one very special.

We’re now halfway through the year and we’re sure that some of you have just been waiting for an excuse to plan for this wonderful December event! It’s a great idea for you to have this forethought because it means you can not only save money but design the absolute best Christmas Wonderland possible without feeling rushed.

Here at St Nicholas Christmas Cave, we take inspiration from Santa. All year round, we work to make sure that when the spring and summer come a-knocking, our valued customers have the best shopping experience possible.

But what advice would I give in order to help you enjoy the best Christmas this year? Let’s explore that together, and hopefully both give inspiration on both sides:

Christmas Wonderland – Setting The Area

Setting the area can be a lovely place to start. Depending on your home layout, this can differ from person to person. Perhaps you’d love to arrange your living room or dining area in this way, or take small decorations and spread them around the entire house! Whatever helps you feel comfortable is perfect for us.

Of course, setting the area can always be helped with atmospheric items that help define the space. An LED Musical Snow Lamp can help place a beautiful focal point in the setting of the room, especially one that provides lovely ambient lighting with calming musical effects.

Perhaps you can place this at the exterior of your property (under a porch) in order to welcome your guests to the house, or designate where the Santa’s grotto in your household or exterior social area is. Whatever you choose, setting the area will help the home feel inviting and full of  Christmas cheer.

Lovely Decorations

Of course, don’t forget the lovely decorations that can make all the difference. You don’t need to stock your home with absolutely everything unless it works for your property, because a little can go a long, long way.

For instance, a beautiful Australiana Fireman Koala tree decoration could add a cute addition to your Christmas tree, while small snowflake ornaments can populate the outer ring to add some color and life there.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous centerpiece to place in the middle of a table or on top of a mantelpiece, then an LED Magical Santa’s Clock can provide some wonderful ambiance, filling your home with Christmas cheer and happiness.

Celebrate What Is Really Important

It’s important to remember that which is actually magical about Christmas. Most worthwhile Christmas stores will  remind us all of that. It’s not about the presents, or the flashy cards, or even the beautiful food we hope to eat (even though this is wonderful), but the true spirit of Christmas is found in togetherness, love and appreciation of one another.

In other words, the spirit of Christmas is about gratitude. This is why it’s an event that has deep religious significance to many people, but is also celebrated by those who do not adhere to any particular faith. For that reason, the power of Christmas deserves to be appreciated and considered.

And what better way to do this than to proudly present a beautiful totem of the Christmas spirit, by celebrating this period of giving, appreciation, and love? Our beautiful Bavarian Santa has been crafted with the origin of the legend in mind, providing a keen, loving, watchful eye over your Christmas wonderland and showing the real Santa just how welcome he is in your home.

About St Nicholas Christmas Cave

St Nicholas Christmas Cave is a totally family-owned and operated Christmas shop. We provide beautiful items year-round with a keen interest in helping our customers feel as though they have enough time and available choice to truly equip themselves before this wonderful day.

If already searching for a ‘Christmas shop near me,’ why not give us a try? We’d love to welcome you as our valued customer.