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Meet Cane The Boy Elf

He is our Head of Santa’s Reindeers. He looks after all the meals for Rudolph and his friends.

Cane is also a true inventor and craftsman, it was him who created Santa’s Sleigh. He always carries with him a pencil and notepad so he can sketch his next magical Christmas invention!

He is a very good friend with Candy who is in charge of Mrs Claus kitchen. Cane has also learned for new recipes  to create new meals for all of the reindeers who lives at the North Pole. Candy and Cane has very long hands so you can hang these of your bedroom door, decorative mirrors at home, Tv Units or desk at work.

Check his friend, adorable Candy  then you can have a pair called CANDY & CANE

Measures 82cm from tip pf the head to the the bottom of her shoe.

Available mid October

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