Christmas Pink Gnome


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Christmas Pink Gnome

At St Nicholas Christmas Cave you will find an extensive collection of our Christmas Gnome. Are you the Gnome lover if not you should be. Why? Because Gnomes are well known as a symbol of good luck. They provide protection for the whole family.

Unlike the elves who reside at the North Pole, an old tale says that gnomes pop out of their forests niches come Christmas Day, and walk through the front doors to bring you a GOOD-LUCK!

Some like to hand-deliver presents. How are they able to break into people’s homes with their giant hats covering the eyes it is a MYSTERY to this day. I called a Christmas Magic!

We have this cute Gnome called Frankie. He is very cuddly and pink in colour.

He also has plenty of his friends who are little bit different in colours and measurements. Check it out.

He would be a great decor in your foyer or simply in your home around the Christmas Tree.

Measures: 30cmH

Available: May 2024



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