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Santa needs his elves everywhere and he has thousands of them working for him everyday around the world. But there is only one head elf named Elf Bernard. He is famous for getting things done that are necessary. Sometimes he gets frustrated and grumpy but he acts the way he does to keep the otter elves working. His responsibility is to look after the workshop and his other elves. Becoming an elf is a serious business and only those who really love Christmas, understands SANTA  and like making other people happy can become elf. Some people don’t understand that an elf can look just like anyone else. They dress just like anyone else. And they don’t all live at the North Pole.

Your neighbor, your best friend, your school teacher — anyone can be an elf and you’d never know it because elves are sworn to secrecy.

When you are an elf, you have to keep that to yourself 🙂  Why? Because that’s the way Santa works.

Our Elf Bernard is wearing white beautiful outfit.

Measures: 110cm




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