Christmas Koala Fireman Plush 120cm


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Exclusive Edition “Saving the Day” – Fireman Koala Bill”

Let’s not forget about our Koalas and other wildlife animals that had died in those horrifying bushfires our country has experienced.

Over 1 Billion animals has died during  2019/2020.

We have created this iconic mascot Koala and named him BILL, koala Bill The Fireman who saved all his friends in the bush and take them to the safe place. Our Kola is arriving mid October and and it is already massively  pre-ordered. To avoid disappointment you can now purchase one and we will ship it o your place when the time right.

Great gift for your uncle, dad, grandfather or someone you know who is a  firefighter volunteer.

Perhaps someone you know overseas may want to adopt our Koala Bill:)

Measures 120cm


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