Rotating Christmas Tree Stand



Show off every angle of your Christmas tree at home this season with our rotating tree stand!

The stand:

Accommodates any Artificial Christmas Trees with a center pole

    • Max tree high 2.4 m
    • Max pole width 33 mm (adapts to 22 mm pole diameter with included adapter)
    • Max decorated Christmas tree weigh up to 37 kg

360-degree view

    • Displays the tree from all its angles
    • Rotates continuously 360 degree
    • Approximately 45 sec/circle (one speed only)
    • Smooth & Quiet

Lights don’t tangle

The stand has an additional plug-in outlet for up to 1500 miniature indoor Christmas tree lights or decorative outfits. The outlet is built-in and keeps wires from getting tangled.  (The stand plugs into the extension lead and lights plug into the stand)

Knob control 

The stand features 3 easy to operate settings:

    • Lights On & Rotation On
    • Lights On & Rotation Off
    • Lights & Rotation Off

Assembling & Dismantling 

It takes only a few seconds to assemble or dismantle the stand.

Safe & 100% child friendly

Durable plastic construction is carefully designed to keep the tree well balanced and stable at all times while rotating to provide a safe and secure environment for kids.

Indoor use only

Shouldn’t be exposed to moisture or harmful elements.

Available August 2021

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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